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Jun 22, 2020 Start Date
Program Overview
  • Resources Designed for Working Professionals in PEMF Vibration, Sound and Music Therapy or Training
  • Orientation to PEMF Self Care and Coaching , Equipment Demonstrations, Case Studies, with FAQ Gallery
  • Instruction by Bioenergetic Medicine Industry Pioneer Dr. Deborah Drake.
  • Professional Coaching Career Development CEU's towards Integrative Health Coach Certification
  • Resources for Apprenticeship Mastery of PEMF in the Self Education Industry.
  • Practical Hands-on Demonstrations on a Proxy Client using Evergreen Webinars.
  • Links to Full Program of Webinars and Tutorials for Brain Wave Entrainment Music Interludes and Guest Concerts and Links.
  • Taste Test of Music Interludes and Guest Concerts and Links
  • Join and Share the Knowldge with like minded in our global Community
  • Ongoing FAQ's Gallery with Industry Mentors.
  • Bibliography of Music, PEMF and related Articles, Links and Resources
  • PEMF Equipment Not Included (Purchase Through
Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions.
Tools Covered
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Post Graduate Diploma
Bioenergetic Integrative Health Coach Certification
  • Bioenergetics BE200 Music Is Medicine PEMF Practicum
  • International Certification with the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine
  • Brain Wave Entrainment for the Mind
Learn from India's leading Data Science faculty and industry leaders
Dr. Deborah Drake
Integrative Medicine Doctor, Humanitarian, Health Coach in Bioenergetics

I am excited to teach my knowledge of music and medicine together in this platform to show just how well orchestrated the human body is. I have had a love affair with the human body for decades and learned to share pearls of wisdom, strategies, and tips to help coach you execute more harmonious physiology, anatomy, and function for peak performance in life. My background in Family, Emergency, Sports and Psychotherapy Medicine for 25 years, then Natural Medicine Degrees in Ayurvedic detox, Chinese Acupuncture, Osteopathic posture and Frequency Matrix Light, Sound and Quantum Biofeedback therapist and finally a Ph.D. in Bioenergetics have given me great insights to share with you. I present webinars, tutorials, FAQ's to help apply the knowledge, plus provide musical interludes to demonstrate the theory. I hope to enlighten and entrain your brain waves, by delivering a buffet of molecules of minerals into melodies and PEMF.

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USD 99.00
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this course is valuable for anyone wishing to embrace Self Knowledge. It is especially useful for those wishing home and self-care using PEMF or for Integrative Health Coaches or Bioenergetic Practitioners, novice, newly certifying coaches or those recertifying.

No, the price of your PEMF equipment is not included in the course price. Many students use a variety of instruments and this course uses the AMPCOIL powered by BetterGuide Software app and Samsung Tab A equipment for demonstration purposes. This equipment can be purchased or leased in the USA separately. Visit and register under Dr. Deborah Drake Ambassador's account.

Yes, and No, You may take any independent course you wish but you will find it easier and may need the understanding of BE100 Bioterrrain and the BE200 Music is Medicine Theory and BE300 Fundamentals for full study credits for potential qualification for 50 hours towards your Integrative Health Coach Certification if desired for professional development.

Yes, Dr. Drake receives FAQs from the PEMF community and provides detailed full-length replies with and graphics or videos where possible on each question.