Music Is Medicine 

Integrative Health Coaching 

One Simple Coaching Program from Dr. Deborah Drake May Generate Both Self Care + A Lucrative Coaching Career BIZ that you need right now! 

Map and Tune Yourself & 

Master your Brain Waves 

for Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit! 

Aspire to your Best Self.

Upgrade to the PRO Bundle to Integrate, Duplicate, and Share this Knowledge, Skill, and technology for a New Coaching Career and a PEMF Technician.

Learn 6 Steps to dynamically transform your Bioterrain 

Use Minerals, Molecules, and Music plus PEMF to Tune and Tone the health of your Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.

Master your Brain waves for each Body Paired Organs and Systems, using the Science of Music, Minerals, Molecules, and  Bioenergetic Technology 

As You Master, Yourself, Learn to share these skills with others and aspire to Amass these Coaching Credentials for a New Career!

HealthCounts Academy provides Cloud-Based User Friendly Modular Certification Courses

Do you want to take charge of your health, and learn the skills and strategies of complete, natural, noninvasive health from home, and learn to apply these skills to yourself, family, and even others?

Whether for personal use or a new lucrative career as an Integrative Health Coach, You need to understand how to integrate the mind, body. emotions and spirit with tuning and toning of bioterrain.

This super-rich course by expert instructor Dr. Deborah Drake provides cloud-based learning content over a six-part series of webinars, brain wave training interludes, 

PEMF tutorials, and coaching resources. It focuses on providing the necessary steps to create great health by understanding the external and internal environment, and the use of natural vibrations like sound, nutritional minerals, and Music, and New 

Technologies like Pulsed Electromagnetic field Coiling with PEMF to augment the ideal state of health alignment for the integration of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


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